Monday, 1 June 2009

Version 2

I've completed the top for the quilt which is to replace the one I thought may be too boyish.

I used pretty much the same pattern as the quilt I made for Molly, along with most of the leftover fabric (with a few new fabrics thrown in). I believe Claire, my daughter-in-law, will prefer this version. Mainly because after three and a half years of dressing our grandson, Brandon, I think she'll be looking forward to having a bit of fun with more 'feminine' colours and fabrics. Hope that doesn't sound too sexist.

I'm thinking I'll get some more of the light green with pink parasols for the backing. And I'm even contemplating having a go at proper binding rather than self-binding with the backing fabric. Not too sure I'm up to it yet.

I made a big effort to improve the accuracy of the piecing; carefully cutting the pieces and using my new quarter inch foot for more uniform seams. In spite of this there are still some botched joins, although overall it's an improvement. I can only assume that with practice it will all fall into place.


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